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3D Printing Materials


PLA Sample - Squared.png

Standard Plastic

Our most popular material, Standard Plastic is a plant-based PLA. It's both light and strong, with a high-quality lightly-lined finish from the printing process.

Best Uses: Prototyping, Test Fitting, Fixtures, Concept Proving, Art Pieces, Architectural and Medical Modeling

Strong Plastic 

If your project needs higher levels of toughness, weather resistance, or heat resistance we recommend our Strong plastic (Polycarbonate). This engineering-grade material makes parts that stand the test of time.

Best Uses: Prototyping, Fixtures, Outdoor Use, High Stress and Temperature Applications

Polycarbonate Sample - Squared.png

Flexible Plastic - Squared.png


When your part needs a bit of flex and bend, our flexible plastic (TPU), brings a new element to 3D printing and allows your creativity to take new forms

Best uses: Prototyping, Seals, Gaskets, Grips

Details Plastic

This plastic provides excellent surface finish and accuracy. Produced using the SLA printing method, High Detail Plastic (Methacrylate) is useable in a wide range of project types and applications.

Best Uses: Prototyping, Fixtures, Functional Prototypes, Small Parts, High Detail Parts, Art Pieces

SLA Example - Squared.png

Durable Details Plastic - Squared.png

Durable Details Plastic

Great for snap-fits, parts with integrated hinges, sliding components, or parts that need to flex, durable details plastic brings a great surface finish to engineering applications.

Best Uses: Cases, Bearings, Bushings, Impact resistant parts

Flexible Details

When your part needs to bend or compress, flexible details plastic is a great solution. Great in multi-material assemblies and for adding ergonomic features to your object.

Best Uses: Functional Prototypes, Grips, Overmolds, Handles, Dampers, Stamps


Important things to know

Material performance is highly based on object design

The design of any printed object is going to determine how it performs more than material choice alone. Design for material, and choose the right material for your design

Some surfaces may show small imperfections

Support structures are required to reinforce overhangs and other detailed areas. These support structures are then removed during post-processing. Surfaces which require support structures can be rough or show small imperfections that occur in support removal. Our production team works to minimize these and ensure quality remains high. 

What do I need to get started?

I already have my CAD files ready

If you already have your CAD files ready send them along.

Ideal formats include .STL, .OBJ, or .STP. If you only have another file format available let us know and we'll work with you to convert them accurately.

I need CAD files created

Not a problem! Our design team has all the capabilities to get you the files you need. Just click through to talk with them about your project.

I'm not sure what CAD Files are

CAD, or Computer Aided Design, is a broad term for the software and utilities used to generate computer models of objects. This software is able export files that our printers use to plan their production of objects in the physical world.

Send us a message, we'd be more than happy to get you started in the right direction.