Automotive Parts

Every so often we get some time and can work on a personal or company print. With our teammate Steve being the proud owner of a "new to him" car, we had the perfect opportunity to put our processes through their paces and demonstrate the future of replacement parts.

Steve's car had one small flaw when he received it, a panel on the front facia was broken. 

Car ready for 3D printed replacement part

After some preliminary inspection, he decided that this part was a perfect fit for replication using our 3D Scanning technology and subsequent 3D Printing. The process will go as follows:

1. Inspect part for suitability - Done! Looks fantastic

3D printed comparison
3D printed automotive replacement part

2. 3D Scan Part and clean up scan data

3. Choose appropriate material - Maybe a chance to go for some "bling" ? We will see!

4. Print using our FDM Technology - Due to the size and needed durability, using our FDM machines will be a perfect fit for this project

5. Post-Process - Clean up part and remove support material. Ensure dimensional accuracy

6. Install!

The largest potential pitfall we see with this project is the location of the part on the car. It will be exposed to a wide range of temperatures (this is Michigan after all), and will be subject to repeated impact by road debris. That said, we've seen our products go through some very large stresses, so we believe it will work out well.

Our plan is to document this project throughout these steps, so check back soon to see how the scanning goes!


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