You've come up with the idea, let's work together to bring it to a reality.

Need to move your idea beyond the napkin stage? this is how it works.

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We will start with a discussion of your idea with our design team

We will review any sketches you have, discuss what your ideal goal for your project is, and talk about when you need it completed. If privacy is paramount we can sign any non-disclosure agreements you have. We work with a lot of early stage entrepreneurs and inventors, so we understand when discretion is key.

No idea is too out there for us. We love hearing what you have dreamed up.

No consultation fee, No commitment required


It's all in the details.

After we discuss your project our design and production teams ensure that we can accomplish your project. Designers will create a creation plan of action, while production makes material and printing process recommendations. If we have any questions in order to clarify something, we'll follow up so we can follow through.


Know the cost of moving your idea forward

After we discuss your project and have a plan for moving forwards, thingsmiths will provide you with a quote clearly stating the cost for the design we will be completing. If you're wondering about production costs, we can provide an estimated cost as well. Our creative team endeavors to be as efficient as possible, and many designs are able to be completed in a couple hours or less.

If the quote looks good and you're ready to get started, our system allows for online payment and project tracking.


Combining creative energy with manufacturing process

This is where we get down to business. We use your concepts and ideas as a template for our CAD (Computer Aided Design) work. We work in a variety of software suites, and use them for everything from engineering to art.

Though every project is different, the process of creativity and innovation shines through every design we do.


Give us your input, and we make the changes

After the design portion is complete, we will send renderings of the design for you to review. No special software will be needed, and you can give us as much feedback as you like.

Sometimes we get it right on the first try, sometimes we need a bit more movement before we're there. Rest assured, we'll get it right.


Once your design is done and approved, we send your project to production

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Design is intelligence made visible
— Alina Wheeler