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Example Projects

We've had the fortune of working with a large number of customers on a wide range of projects. Here is some of what we've worked on:


3D printed bicycle lamp

Vintage Bicycle Lamp

Our customer was looking to have a broken lamp replaced on his bicycle. The problem? His bike was from the 1950s and the manufacturer was long gone. He brought the broken lamp housing to us, and through a combination of 3D Scanning, Design, and Printing we were able to make a perfect replica. 

Seth Rogen presenting

Seth Rogen presenting

WebMD Health Heroes Award

We created the trophy for the inaugural WebMD Health Heroes Awards. Working closely with WebMD we were able to move their ideas into CAD and a manufacturable state. Seeing the awards with their worthy recipients was a real thrill.

Tardis Lamp in CAD

Tardis Lamp in CAD

Tardis Lamp

When you're making a Tardis (from the hit BBC Show "Dr. Who") model, minature lamps are hard to come by. We designed and printed this steampunk lamp so our customer could top off his Tardis in style.

3D Printed Model Head

3D Printed Model Head

In-Vitro Fetal Models

We received a call on Christmas eve from the University of Michigan medical center, looking to have models of fetal scans made so the surgeon and mother could make a decision on how to proceed. Using multiple materials and methods we were able to turn around physical models in a few days time.

3D printed pet bowl

StayBowl TM

We were contacted by the entrepreneurs behind Staybowl TM, a new pet supply company that specializes in bowls that are hard to knock over. We worked with them on printing their existing designs, as well as refining and improving them. It was a pleasure to make some Guinea Pigs happy.

3D printed Cosplay broach

3D printed Cosplay broach

Seraph of the End Broach

One of our customers was looking for that final piece to their cosplay costume, a gold symbol for their characters cape. We designed it from the pictures provided and printed it off. After painting and being added to the rest of the costume you can see the results were perfect.

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