We make creation easy.

Not too long ago, when you wanted something made you'd wander down to the local blacksmith, have a conversation, and get exactly what you wanted. Chances are you no longer have a neighborhood blacksmith, but thanks to the wonders of 3D printing you now have a thingsmith - a person dedicated to helping you make what you want.

We view our work as a collaborative effort and will listen to any questions you have, helping you move from design to delivery with as much ease as possible. If you want to learn more, read on. If you can't wait to get started, click below.


So you have an idea...

 We start with a discussion about what it is you want to print. To ensure we head in the direction that's best for you, our conversation will consist of a few simple things:

CAD design of thingsmiths card holder

CAD design of thingsmiths card holder

  • Do you already have the design for the object that needs printing?

  • Will you need us to create one for you?

  • What do you want this object to do? 

If you're new to this but want to design things yourself, Autodesk's TinkerCad and 123Design are great ways to craft your own object.

Before we launch into printing we run your design through our software, double-checking for errors and ensuring it's printable. We will provide you with what it will cost to print, right there and then. No surprise charges before delivery, and if you're working on a budget (who isn't?) we will work with you to make sure we can achieve that goal. 


Now we're off to the printers


This is where the magic happens.

We then send your design over to our bots, who, after a little exercise and warmup, get their print on.

Layer by layer your design moves from the digital to the physical, all the while monitored by our makers.

If the bot needs a little help, or the design a bit more tweaking, we ensure that the finished product is what you want.


Now comes the really fun part!

Finished thingsmiths card holder

Finished thingsmiths card holder

After we apply the finishing touches we box your item up.  You are notified when finished by e-mail or text-message, and we'll get it to you at your earliest possible convenience.

Shipping: We'll get it out via the shipping method of your choice, no handling fee required.  

Local Delivery: We can deliver by hand.  

Pickup: Available at our location.



Now that you know more about us, we'd love to hear from you.